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Case Study: ThinkWell

Project: Strategic Communication for a New National Health Insurance Scheme 

ThinkWell (formerly Institute for Collaborative Development) is an international development organization with offices in the United States (Washington, DC), Switzerland (Geneva) and Mozambique (Maputo). Its mission is “to provide bold, creative and practical solutions to health care financing in developing countries.” The government of Liberia sought ThinkWell’s counsel on its first national health insurance program and how best to promote it.

The challenge? How to clearly and compellingly communicate the new health insurance scheme and its value proposition to key stakeholders: healthcare providers, insurance agencies and, last but not least, the general public. It was a question not only of marketing and public relations, but also of education within a complex environment. It required appropriate and effective communication. The ThinkWell team turned to RightlySaid for advice. 

After careful analysis, we offered a messaging approach that emphasized accessibility and transparency, and which took into account the Liberian populace’s language preferences and attitudes to negative health events, among other context-specific considerations. We advised the use of appeals to authority that leveraged medical professionals as well as less obvious key influencers. 

In terms of communication channels and vehicles, we made specific recommendations concerning text messaging (versus social media usage), mass media outreach and traditional advertising channels, and we urged the use of public forums such as those Ghana held for its decade-old national health insurance program.

With our help, ThinkWell was able to provide the Liberian government a plan of action for its first national health insurance scheme, made more robust by a communications strategy critical to its success.